Monday, October 27, 2014


Not all homes are created equal. If you want to maximize the sale price of your property, it’s essential to appeal to buyers’ feelings. Keeping your home in a constant show-ready state is not always easy, but it is always good for your bottom line. You can hire a professional stager, or you can use these free tips to maximize your home’s desirability.

Declutter. Put everything away. Books and movies should be neatly stored on shelves. Any children’s or pets’ toys should be put away. Consider moving large non-furniture items to the garage or storage so they don’t take up floor space.

Depersonalize. Family photos, posters, and religious items can put off potential buyers. Consider removing these items or replacing them with clean artful items from a home decorating store. Strong or unusual paint colors should be replaced with something neutral.

Clean. This one seems obvious, but consider having a maid service scrub those bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Have carpets professionally steam cleaned. Use air fresheners in areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and pet areas.

Maximize counter space. Take everything off of your counters and any other flat surfaces like mantles, tops of refrigerators, and tables. It’s not convenient, but it makes the space look larger and cleaner. Consider keeping your toaster in a cupboard. Dry and put away dishes immediately so you don’t need a drying rack, and keep food in the pantry.

Repair. Do you have a small project that you have been putting off? Replace all lightbulbs, fix all leaks, and repair any safety hazards. You know that you should have done it a while ago, so don’t wait.

Arrange. Rooms with no furniture and rooms with oversized furniture both appear smaller. Arrange so that you can easily move from one space to the next. Consider swapping furniture from one room to another so that all rooms have the right amount.

Define. Every room should have a purpose, whether it is bedroom, office, den, game room, etc. Empty rooms look like they have no purpose and cluttered rooms cause confusion. Which bedroom is the master? Which is the guest bedroom? Is your largest room a living room, family room, or other? Work with your agent to help decide what makes the most sense to the most potential buyers.

How to Avoid Common Homeowner Maintenance Mistakes

This month’s update includes just a few tips for regular home maintenance. They will keep your home in better condition, save you money, and keep you more safe.

Replace your air filter. After a hot summer, you should replace the filter if you have not already done so. It will make your HVAC system last longer and run more efficiently if you replace every 3 months.

Seal your grout and natural stone. Grout in wet areas and most natural stone should be sealed regularly, preferably every year.

Check for leaks. Run all your faucets for 10 seconds and take a quick look under the sinks to make sure there is no water leaking from supply or drain lines. A small leak can turn into a big leak without attention. For bonus points, get under the house and check the crawl space :)

Earthquake-proof. It’s been too long since a major temblor, so it’s easy to forget earthquake safety. Bookshelves, mirrors, and other heavy objects should be tightly secured. Ensure that heavy objects are not over areas that you regularly sleep or sit.

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