Monday, December 30, 2013

Granada Hills Year End Condo Market Update for 2013!

2013 has been a fantastic year for the real estate market and demand in Granada Hills has been the highest in years. Buyers are confident in today’s market and are looking to purchase. This is a great time to sell, while demand and prices are up!

The average sales price for these properties in Granada Hills were around $306,947; with an average marketing time of 51 days.

All the Condominiums/Townhomes that Sold in 2013
Property   TypeProperty AddressSale TypeBr./Ba.                Sq.Ft.             Sale Price
Condo16866 Kingsbury St. #316Short Sale2/21,106$144,000.00
Condo10636 Woodley Ave #14Short Sale3/21,053$177,000.00
Condo10636 Woodley Ave #29Standard2/1812$180,000.00
Townhouse16255 Devonshire St. #25Short Sale2/21,085$180,000.00
Townhouse16255 Devonshire St. #6Standard2/1.51,085$185,000.00
Condo10740 Woodley Ave. #1Standard2/1966$196,000.00
Condo10710 Woodley Ave. #1Standard2/1966$205,500.00
Condo10636 Woodley Ave. #29Standard3/21,106$215,000.00
Condo16857 San Fernando Mission Blvd. #11Short Sale3/21,423$235,000.00
Condo17179 Chatsworth St. #8Standard3/21,044$245,500.00
Condo15760 Midwood Dr. #6Short Sale2/2.51,457$249,000.00
Condo16940 Chatsworth St. #212Standard2/21,134$254,000.00
Condo17155 Chatsworth St. #7Short Sale3/21,320$257,000.00
Townhouse17221 Chatsworth St. #102Standard2/2.51,359$267,000.00
Townhouse15782 Midwood Dr. #3Standard2/21,318$270,000.00
Townhouse15750 Devonshire St. #12Standard3/2.51,478$273,000.00
Townhouse16857 San Fernando Mission Blvd. #42Standard2/2.51,228$286,000.00
Townhouse15780 Midwood Dr. #4Standard2/21,318$305,000.00
Townhouse17155 Chatsworth St. #1Standard3/2.51,448$305,000.00
Condo15760 Midwood Dr. #2Standard3/2.51,457$315,000.00
Townhouse15772 Midwood Dr. #3Standard3/31,354$318,000.00
Townhouse15782 Midwood Dr. #5Standard3/2.51,457$330,000.00
Townhouse15625 Odyssey Dr. #47HUD2/21,220$335,000.00
Townhouse15784 Midwood Dr. #2Standard3/2.51,457$342,500.00
Condo15649 W. Odyssey Dr. #51Standard2/2.51,326$344,990.00
Townhouse15601 Odyssey Dr. #8Standard2/1.51,112$345,000.00
Townhouse15611 Crestview Ln. #83Standard3/21,190$350,000.00
Townhouse15614 Hillview Ln. #4Standard3/21,474$353,500.00
Condo15629 W. Odyssey Dr. #53Standard3/3.51,412$355,990.00
Condo15629 W. Odyssey Dr. #50Standard3/2.51,412$360,990.00
Townhouse15625 Odyssey Dr. #44Standard2/1.751,220$362,500.00
Townhouse15780 Midwood Dr. #1Standard3/2.51,457$365,000.00
Townhouse17729 San Jose St. #5Standard3/21,522$365,000.00
Condo15641 W. Odyssey Dr. #67Standard3/3.51,412$369,990.00
Condo15609 W. Odyssey Dr. #17Standard2/1.751,230$379,990.00
Condo15609 W. Odyssey Dr. #21Standard2/1.751,230$389,990.00
Townhouse15617 Odyssey Dr. #35Standard2/21,220$390,000.00
Condo15629 W. Odyssey Dr. #49Standard3/31,604$390,990.00
Townhouse15654 Viewridge Ln. #27Standard2/2.51,371$395,000.00
Condo15629 W. Odyssey Dr. #54Standard4/3.51,659$399,515.00
Townhouse15613 W. Odyssey Dr.Probate Sale2/21,220$405,000.00
Townhouse15605 Odyssey Dr. #13Standard2/21,220$416,000.00
Condo10648 Aqueduct #3Standard5/32,470$440,000.00

Friday, December 20, 2013

Home Improvements to Avoid When Purchasing a New Home in Granada Hills, CA

If you are looking to purchase a home in the next 2-3 years, be sure to avoid some of these costly improvements that won't improve the value of your home.

For all your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me at or you can reach me at 818.491.0194

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Just Sold in North Hills, CA!!!

Just Sold!!!

9623 Odessa St.
North Hills, CA 91343

This cozy 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom fixer home just sold for full list price of $389,000!
If you are interested in selling your property for top-dollar, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 818.491.0194
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

My 8 Steps in Selling Your Home!

Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the next few months or just studying up for that eventuality, there’s no time like now to prepare. If buying a house seems complicated, selling involves even more responsibilities and expenses.

Here are some common steps to selling your home:
1. Prepare Your Home for SaleWell before you’re ready to plant that “For Sale” sign in your front yard, there is work to be done to prepare your home for sale.

Remember how keen your eye was to every small detail and defect in the houses you saw as a buyer? Now that door to your bedroom that never quite closed properly or that leaky faucet that you never got around to fixing will be seen by a potential buyer with that same keen eye.

Start making the obvious repairs today – even if you don’t plan to sell until a year from now. These repairs can cost money and take time. Plus fixing it now will allow you to enjoy the results before it’s time to move out.

If you plan on doing some improvements before the sale, the best place to start is where the buyers start: at your curb. Potential buyers base a large part of their decision on a property’s “curb appeal,” so make yours say something positive. That means a tidy front yard, a house with well-painted trim, a tidy driveway and a clear, welcoming entryway.

Inside, the biggest return on your investment continues to be improvements to the kitchen, followed closely by improvements to the master bedroom. If you’re making these improvements shortly before selling the house, consider painting and decorating the rooms in neutral colors, the most appealing choice to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Inside and outside, start reducing the clutter. When it comes time to show your home, less will mean more. Potential buyers don’t want to see how your closets overflow with clothes, how every room feels cramped with furniture, or how the yard is difficult to maneuver with that rusty swing set in the way. So downsize now; it not only will make the preparation for showing your home easier, it also will make packing for your move faster.

2. Find a Real Estate Professional If you’ve been through the home-buying process, you already know how complicated the real estate business can be. While you can opt to sell your home yourself, it can be time-consuming and often not worth the money saved on commissions.

However, if you do hire a real estate professional as your selling agent, do your homework. Ask friends and family for recommendations, interview several candidates, attend a few open houses and watch the professional in action. Do you think this person would present your house well to potential clients? 

When interviewing me or another candidate, ask him or her to prepare a “comparative marketing analysis” for your house. This might include a demographic of the neighborhood, the quality of schools in the area and a suggested list price for the property.

If you’ve chosen me or another real estate professional to help sell your home, you’ll have to sign a contract stating that you’ll work solely with them for a designated number of months, often between one and six months. This means no other real estate professional will be allowed to sell your home on your behalf during this time.

So put some thought into the professional you choose and if you decide to choose me, I will help you sell your home to a qualified buyer for the highest market price in the quickest, most convienent timeline.

3. Get Your Paperwork TogetherAfter you sign the Listing Agreement with me she will need a lot of documents from you to prepare your home for sale. Among the things she will want to see are:
• Pay-off Notice: A letter to the lender stating intention to payoff the mortgage.
• Assessments or Easements: If there’s a tax assessment or easement on the property, documents stating such will have to be included in the purchase contract.
• Property Taxes: Proof of property taxes paid.
• Utilities: Provide a record of the past 12 months’ utility bills.                                                                      

You’ll want to make it clear now which items in the home you want to take with you – the heirloom chandelier in the dining room, the washer and dryer set you just bought last month – and which can stay behind as part of the home sale. I can help show you which items you should put away or replace before your house goes on the market.

4. Price Your HomeThere are a number of factors that will affect the success of your home sale. They include: location of the home, interest rates, economic conditions, time of year, condition of the home, marketing the home, terms of the sale and accessibility to the home.

Some of these are not within your or my control – location of the home, interest rates, economic conditions. The other factors are items you should discuss with me to determine what would benefit the sale of this property most.

For example, marketing your property in more innovative ways, such as on an Internet site like this one, may broaden the pool of potential buyers. If you can, waiting for a good time to sell your home – spring or fall, the most popularly home buying times – also may help it sell faster except in this Seller's market, anytime is a good time. And pricing the home properly can make a huge difference in whether a house is snapped up within the first several weeks of listing or sits on the market for more than a year.

To price a home properly, you and I will have to study the local market, research comparable properties and consider current market conditions. This is where the “comparative marketing analysis” you requested when interviewing for a listing agent will come in handy as a place to start.

Now check around your neighborhood, your newspaper and Internet sites like this one for:
• Your competition: Are there many properties just like yours for sale in your area right now?
• Listing prices: What are other properties like yours listing for?
• Selling prices: What are other properties like yours selling for?

Based on these findings, I have the experience to help you price your property at the right price for a sale that benefits you.

5. Market Your HomeProducts that sell well usually have a good marketing strategy. The same can be said for your home. Work with me to decide where you want to advertise. Will the house be advertised only with a yard sign? Do you want your house listed for sale not only in newspapers but also on Internet sites like this one? When can you make your house available for an “open house” showing?

When a potential buyer arrives for an “open house” or drives by and sees the for sale sign, you’ll want to provide a home profile handout that they can take with them. Decide what information should be included in the description of your home that will make it a must-see – and hopefully, a must-buy. Include one or more photos of the home to showcase the most appealing features of your property and help remind potential buyers of what they saw as they visit home after home.

You may even want to include a few lines about benefits of moving to this property, such as good schools, convenience to mass transit and other desirable community features.  You'll work with me to discuss what the features and benefits of your property are.

6. Prepare Your Home for Showing (Your Job!)Now that you've decided with me on the market price and how you will market your home now there’s little time left to get your house ready for visitors.

Now is the time to put on the finishing touches, just like that quick housecleaning you do before company comes over for dinner.

Outside: Keep your lawn trimmed, the rose bushes pruned, the weeds tamed. Put away the garden hose and the tools. Make sure the bulbs in your home’s exterior lighting fixtures are all in working order. Be vigilant about removing flyers, handouts and newspapers left on your front doorstep or driveway.

Inside: Brighten the rooms by opening the drapes, turning on the lights, cleaning the windows. Clear the clutter on the kitchen counter, bathroom sink, coffee table and couches. Make all the beds. Clean all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Do a quick vacuuming of the entire house, being sure to catch any cobwebs in the corners along the ceiling. Finally, take out the garbage.

If you have pets, find a safe place to keep them during a house showing: in the garage, in the basement or at a friend’s house.

Now leave the work to me. Try to be away from home during a showing, but if you happen to be home when the potential buyers arrive, greet them at the door then politely excuse yourself. Make yourself scarce or go take a walk. It’s easier for a buyer to picture himself or herself living in the house when you’re not there. This is your home’s time to shine.

7. Respond to an OfferDepending on market conditions, you may receive one or more offers for your property from interested buyers. Each offer will include the proposed offer price, proposed closing date, proposed move-in date, financing, and contingencies that may include an appraisal or sale of the buyers’ current home. Let me help you sort through the variables to determine whether you should accept, counter-offer or reject the offer.

If there are multiple offers, each offer will be presented to you in the order registered. You don’t need to decide anything until after you’ve seen all the offers. If you do accept or counter more than one offer, you are required to establish an order of precedence noting which is the primary offer, followed by the backups in order. This will help you avoid selling the house to more than one buyer.

8. Complete the SettlementOnce you have accepted an offer to buy your house, expect to make your house available to a housing inspector, a termite inspector, an appraiser and other inspectors. After seeing the results of the inspections, the buyer may request additional work is completed before purchase, such as repairing a damaged roof or fixing a leaky faucet. You should consult with me to determine whether to comply with the buyer’s request or risk losing this offer.

During this flurry of activity, try to keep your home in show condition. The deal has not closed and still may fall through, which may mean showing your home to more potential buyers.

In the meantime, the buyer is working with a lender to secure a loan for the purchase. When the buyer has written loan approval, a closing date can be set.

There will be a final walk-through before all signatures are collected and the deal considered done. The buyer will go room by room to check that everything is in working condition and, if you had agreed to do so, any additional work requested after inspection is completed.

Now you can prepare for your own move, notify your utility companies of the date to transfer your account to a new address and start packing. Congratulations, you’ve sold your home!

For all your real estate needs, feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 818.491.0194

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top 10 Turnaround Towns!

According to the National Association of Realtors® the top 10 turnaround towns in the United States, are leading the way to housing recovery. Many of these towns/cities are experiencing growth in value and growth in new housing developments. With property values rising, we should be well on our to recovery in the housing market.

For all your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 818.491.0194.
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Granada Hills Condo Market Update for December 2013

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. During the holiday season, we begin to see the real estate market slow down. Buyers and Sellers are usually waiting to move once the holidays are over. This leaves the market very quiet, in terms of activity. But let me assure you that there are still some buyers out there who are looking to purchase just in time to celebrate the holidays in a new home. So I wanted to leave you with a market update on Granada Hills condos and townhomes, and the activity from November 2013.

Property Type
16857 San Fernando Mission Rd. #39
15605 Odyssey Dr. #12
16857 San Fernando Mission Rd. #42
15601 Odyssey Dr. #7
15786 Midwood Dr. #1
15605 Odyssey Dr. #13

For all your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 818.491.0194.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Steps in Purchasing a Home in Granada Hills, CA

My 8 steps in purchasing a home:

A home is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll make in your life. Before you get started, do some homework. This handy Buyer’s Guide will show you some things to keep in mind as you’re hunting for that home of your dreams.

1. Determine How Much You Can AffordHow much house you can afford is largely dependent on how large a mortgage – basically, a home loan -- you can handle. Start your research by using the simple mortgage calculators I have on my website to see whether you can afford to pay the monthly mortgage on the kinds of houses you have in mind.

You may even apply for a mortgage at a lender before you start looking for a home. This is called getting pre-qualified for a loan; it will tell you exactly how much you can afford and may make the closing process go faster.

But, remember that owning a home involves more than a monthly mortgage. You’ll also have to consider money you’ll need to have at hand when you make an offer, when you close on a home and on a monthly basis after the home is yours.

Payments you may have to make when you submit an offer and at closing include:
  • Earnest money, usually 1% to 5% of the cost of the house, which you pay as a deposit on the house when you submit your offer. It’s your proof that you’re a serious buyer
    down payment, usually 10% to 20% of the cost of the house, which you must pay at closing
  • Mortgage insurance, paid by borrowers making a down payment of less than 20%
  • Closing costs, usually 3% to 4% of the cost of the house, to pay for processing all the paperwork
    Don’t forget the day-to-day expenses you may incur once you own that home. This includes:
  • Utilities
  • Homeowner or condo association dues
  • Property taxes
  • City or County taxes
2. Shop for a HomeHouse hunting can be both exciting and frustrating. Most homebuyers see roughly many houses before buying one. To make the search easier and faster, nearly half of all house hunters today begin by browsing for properties on the Internet, using web sites like this one.  Please go to my home page and click on the "Search For Homes" link and you will have access to the same data as Realtors in the areas from Burbank to Thousand Oaks in Los Angeles County.  For Ventura County Property information click on the other link "Here" on my homepage.  This information is up-to-date and accurate.  Other sites on the internet do not provide up-to-date data and lag behind my site.

The Internet is a quick way to see whether the houses that are currently available meet the following critical criteria: in the right location, with the right features and at the right price. If you find after your search on my website that few properties meet with your expectations, you may want to readjust your criteria – change the location, features, price – to increase your chances of finding a house that works for you. If you have any difficulties in this initial search, feel free to contact me for assistance. Homes can become available instantly and I'am always the most current resource for literally up to the minute new home listing information.

Once you know what you want, where you want it and what you can afford, it’s time to see the houses for yourself. To help stay focused, bring with you a checklist of things that you’ve decided ahead of time are important qualities of your future home.

This might include:
  • Is there enough room for you to grow in?
  • Is the house structurally sound?
  • Is the house in move-in condition or will it need work?
  • Is it close enough to everyday needs, such as grocery stores, schools, work?
  • Will you feel safe here?
  • Do the appliances that are part of the sale work?
  • Is the yard right for your needs?
  • Do you like the floor plan?
  • Is there enough storage?
  • Will you be happy in this house in winter, summer, spring, fall?

You may also want to take some exterior and interior photos of each house you visit so that you can keep track of its pros and cons.
3. Find a Real Estate Professional...That's were I come in...
While you’re not required to use a real estate professional, it is a good idea. A professional has access to a network of contacts and can draw from extensive market knowledge to help pinpoint the right house for you quickly.

A professional also can help you structure your deal to save money, explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of mortgages and guide you through the paperwork.

4. Research Different Mortgages
There are a variety of mortgage types available today, each with advantages and disadvantages depending on how long you plan to live in the home, the financial marketplace and your income potential, among other things.

A fixed-rate mortgage is the most common. In a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest rate and payment stay the same for the life of the loan.

An adjustable-rate mortgage usually starts out at lower interest rates and lower monthly payments than fixed-rate mortgages, but your rate and monthly payments may rise and fall based on a financial index.

There are also several government mortgage programs available, including FHA mortgages, which are designed to help people who might not otherwise qualify for a loan.

You may also have a choice in loan terms. There are 30-year loans and 15-year loans.

It’s best to talk to me about your best mortgage option.  I may refer you to a Mortgage Broker that can discuss current market financing packages and provide a FREE Loan Qualification.

5. Make an Offer
When you’ve found a house you really want, it’s time to make the offer. How much you offer may depend on a number of factors:
  • Is the asking price fair? Here’s where the legwork you put in while shopping for a home pays off. Decide whether this house is priced right or out of line in the current marketplace.
  • Is the house in good condition? Is this house in move-in condition or will it need a lot of work? Take any costs of improvement into consideration when deciding your offer price.
  • Has it been on the market long? Usually the longer a house has been on the market, the more likely it is the owner would accept a lower offer. Or maybe it’s just overpriced for the market.
  • Is it a seller’s or buyer’s market? If the houses you’re interested in are being bought as soon as they’re listed, that means you’ve got a lot of competition from other buyers; offer accordingly. If houses aren’t selling fast, you may have more leverage in negotiating a lower price.
    Once you’ve determined how much you’d like to offer, work with your real estate professional to submit the proper information. This includes:
  • A complete, legal description of the house
  • The amount of earnest money you’re paying
  • The down payment and financing details
  • A proposed move-in date
  • The price you’re offering
  • A proposed closing date
  • The length of time your offer is valid
  • Details of the deal
This can be just the beginning of the negotiation process. The seller has three options: accept your offer, counter your offer or reject your offer. Let me advise you on the best way to present your offer for a good outcome.

6. Begin Contingency PeriodWhen your offer has been accepted, the contingency period begins. This is time that allows you to obtain financing, perform inspections and satisfy any other contingencies of your purchase agreement.

Obtaining financing might include loan approval, which will include an appraisal of the property. Also be prepared to make your down payment, which is usually due several days before the close of escrow.

Now is the time to schedule a professional inspection of the property; it is one of the best safeguards you can take before buying. A home inspector should check (and may give you a rough price for repairs on) the electrical system, plumbing and waste disposal, the water heater, insulation and ventilation, water source and quality, pests, foundation, doors, windows, ceilings, walls, floors and roof.

Keep in mind that the inspector isn’t there to tell you whether you’re getting a good deal. He or she is there to give you an educated opinion on whether the house is structurally and mechanically sound and fill you in on any repairs that are needed.

7. Buy Homeowner’s Insurance
A paid homeowner’s insurance policy is required at closing. I will help make sure your insurance company and your title officer are working together to put your policy in effect by the close of escrow. But, if you get your insurance agent involved early in your home-buying process, he or she may also help point out ways to help keep your insurance premiums lower.

8. Complete Settlement or ClosingWhen the property you’re buying has been inspected and you’ve had your final walk-through of the property to see that all contingency conditions – such as final repairs made by the seller -- have been met, it’s time to face the paperwork. You will be signing loan documents and closing papers, paying the balance of your down payment and closing costs. This is the day you get the keys to your new home. Congratulations!

For all your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 818.491.0194

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving in Granada Hills, CA

As we approach Thanksgiving, I wanted to give you some creative cooking ideas, that will make this Thanksgiving, the best one yet! This pie is one of my favorites, which one is yours? I have a link to the original article down below with more delicious desserts :)

Apple-Cranberry-Currant Pie with French Topping

Studded with tart cranberries and sweet currants, laced with brandy and finished with a buttery, crisp topping, this dressed up apple pie is a Sunset favorite.

A Thanksgiving dessert of Apple-Cranberry-Currant Pie with French Topping.
For all your real estate needs in the San Fernando Valley, feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 818.491.0194
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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Best Websites for Condo/Townhome Owners in Granada Hills, CA Zillow’s “Zestimate” is not the best way to find your home’s value, but the site is a great place to start to see what other units are selling for. Houzz gives you advice on contemporary home decor and remodeling projects to really make your condo/townhome stand out among the competition.  This website gives you a comprehensive list of condos and townhomes that are FHA approved. Search by zip code to find out if your condo/townhome is FHA approved. Central resource for homeowners living in a common interest development. Legal Q&A, association records, etc. This website is great for anyone who is interested in purchasing a condo or townhome, it allows you to view up-to-date loan rates and helps you evaluate your purchase power. From home searches to helpful buying and selling tips, has it all!

For all your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 818.491.0194

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Granada Hills Condo Market Update for November 2013

According to information that I have gathered on the MLS, this is your market snapshot for the month of October 2013. This is how the market is looking heading into the month of November.

Condo/Townhome prices have risen since the month of October and we are definitely seeing a shortage in inventory this month due to the holiday season, so if you are interested in selling your condo/townhome, getting your property listed now may help you get top dollar for your property when competition is nearly non-existent.

For all your real estate needs please feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 818.491.0194 also be sure to head over to for more real estate news!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Buyer Optmism Rising in Granada Hills!

Buyers have been feeling more confident in today's real estate market than they have been in years, their confidence helps the market stay healthy and helps home price go up. With so much competition for properties, now is the perfect time to consider selling, when competition is high, inventory is low, and buyer optimism is through the roof!
For all your real estate needs, feel free to contact Clark Hill at 818.491.0194 or email at
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Granada Hills Real Estate Market!

With property values rising in Granada Hills due to a lack of inventory in the market home sellers are starting to take notice to the trend. The excess of home buyers flooding the market has increased the demand for properties. But the price of your property can still depend on the features that buyers value in a home. These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when selling your property for top-dollar, whether it be that your property is cable and satellite ready, has a large swimming pool or solar panels attached. These are the kind of features that you might want to include on your description if you want to bring in more potential buyers and sell for a higher price.

If you are interested in finding out what features your property may have, please feel free to call your local real estate professional Clark Hill for a free market evaluation of your property at 818.491.0194 or email at
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Selling Your Condo or Townhouse in Granada Hills!

Tips for Selling Your Condo or Townhouse for Top Dollar!

Get Rid of Clutter:
Condos and townhomes have less space than most houses, so make sure that the space looks as accessible as possible. This means clearing off any surfaces or counter space as much as possible and also minimizing the amount of art and decorations on walls. Bright colors and bright lights can also help a space feel bigger and more airy.
Know Your HOA:
Is the building approved for FHA and VA loans? How many renters are in the building? Does any one person or entity own more than 10% of the units in the building? Does the HOA have sufficient funds in their reserve account? These are important to know and can affect a buyer’s ability to obtain certain types of financing.
Work with a Realtor Who Knows the Market:
Hire an agent that knows the Granada Hills real estate market and knows what it takes to get the maximum price for your property. It can make a huge difference to your bottom line to have a local professional like Clark Hill on your side.
Market the Property Online:
Condominium buyers are often first-time buyers. This can mean younger, tech-savvy customers. Online marketing is key to selling any property for top dollar, but it can be even more important when selling a condo or townhouse.
For all your real estate needs in Granada Hills, please feel free to contact Clark Hill at or Call at 818.491.0194
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

North Hills Real Estate

Just Listed!!!
9623 Odessa St.
North Hills, CA 91343
Price: $389,000
This charming 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home lies on a great 1400sqft. floor plan and is located on a very desirable quiet neighborhood in the heart of North Hills. This property is in need of some work so this would be a perfect opportunity for someone who is looking to purchase a home for a great price! The yard is full of life and sports and nice swimming pool which is perfect for entertaining guests!
If you are interested in this property and would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me at or 818.491.0194
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Valley Glen Real Estate

13641 Califa St. Valley Glen, CA 91401
Amazing upgraded Valley Glen dream home! Oversized 3+2 with a 1+1 permitted bonus unit in back. This home has it all: hardwood & bamboo floors, upgraded kitchen and bathrooms, recessed lights, dual-pane windows, and more. Don't miss the double-sized master bedroom or cozy family room with open-beam ceilings and fireplace. Experience indoor-outdoor living with the custom-built covered patio. Enjoy luxury living with vessel sinks and custom fixtures in the bathrooms. Other upgrades include crown moulding, newer AC, copper plumbing, designer paint - too much to list. The outstanding location is close to the fashion square shopping mall, LA Valley College, bike paths, orange line bus, and freeways.

If you are interested in more information on this beautiful property, please feel free to contact me at or Call me at 818.491.0194

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Granada Hills Market Update Sept. 2013
According to the MLS this month in Granada Hills:
22 Standard Sales
6 Notice of Default/ Short Sales

Summer is officially over and inventory is slim during the fall and winter months. Properties are staying on the market longer than usual, which means that there are plenty of motivated sellers out there! So if you are interested in purchasing a home, now is the time to get a great deal on your next dream house! For all your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me at or Call me at 818.491.0194
Display of MLS data is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate. The agent providing the information contained herein may or may not have been the listing and/or selling agent. This is not intended to be a solicitation if your property is currently listed with another broker